Female 22 Canada

The Vitals: I'm a Pakistani born, Canadian bred hijabi currently in my second year of medical school.

I'm incredibly close to, and therefore protective of my family - both immediate and extended - and good friends.

I believe in the importance of laughing and learning something new everyday. I nerd out majorly over the things I find interesting and love to have lengthy discussions [preferably over a cup of chai] about anything and everything. I just finished reading Margaret Atwood's Or...

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Male 27 India Hyderabad

well behaved
extrovert ...

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Female 20 USA

I'm an aspiring journalist, I love laughing, and making people laugh. I like books, movies, people, places, food, making food and I'm a very sociable person. I classify myself as a mehendi enthusiast. I'm extremely family oriented, and I come from a large family.I take part in activism for Palestine, Syria, The Rohingya and others, as much as I can. These issues are very important to me, as our many other ones. I nerd out about a lot of things, but I'm also an #OGH, Original Gansta Hijabi....

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Male 34 Karachi, Pakistan

I prefer honesty. (dont we all??)

Work for a radio station, handling Sales & Marketing.

love spending quality time with family and friends, yet enjoy quiet moments to myself as well.

very filmi {i.e. i love movies ;) }

Religious, yes. I try to pray. live and let live is my motto.

A hipster? i dont really think so lol

Want to know more, just ask :)

i chose the nickname Lestat but it said invalid nickname. I like vampires, but not the edward kind ;)


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Female 24 Karachi, Pakistan

An IT Graduate, market research professional, a versatile, easy going & out-spoken person...

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Male 21 Florida

I'm pretty simple guy who enjoys conversations about everything from science to economics to philosophy. I study biology and computer science but love learning new things.

Plan on going to medical school or get an masters of public health and work with bioinformatics. ...

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Female 35 San Francisco

Born and raised in California. I've traveled extensively, like to read and am in the process of exploring Northern California. ...

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Male 22 hyderabad

want to be in a relationship with a girl who is good at heart.have never been in a relationship before,so i'm desperately looking forward to it....

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Female 29 Virginia

1. I am from Bangladeshi background; pretty much grew up here.
2. I pray 5 times a day and eat halal food only.
3. I love my family and like to stay connected.
4. I love outdoor esp long drives with friends.
5. I like adventurous trips and going new places
6. I am told I am like a "Energizer bunny" by my manager
7. I must be always active at something to keep me busy
8. I talk a lot and am bad at hiding anything
9. I am honest and caring
10. I like to dress humbly
11. I would rath...

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Male 27 Hyderabad

I Am Simple fun Loving Guy and I Like roaming around and Seeing New Places
I Hate Liars and Cheaters.
I am very straight forward and I Respect women and I Like people with straight forward attitude!....

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Male 27 Metz

I'm a life enthusiast. Pretty curious about everything. easy-going.
love traveling and am passionate about learning foreign languages.
skinny but love eating (especially Middle-east, Japanese, veggie food).
Preferred hobby : walking down the streets of unknown cities. ...

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