Tired of all the possibilities the aunties keep bringing up to you at every get-together? Want to find somebody who actually cares about who YOU are as a person, not just the degrees you have racked up or your bank balance? Do your parents want you to marry somebody from the village back home, the one you don't know? Not that there's anything wrong with that though.

But maybe… you want someone who loves to read poetry and dance in the rain?

Are you a feminist and so you think 90% of the male Muslim population is crossed off the list? Want someone who has a social mind, loves to study Islamic tradition, is open-minded and loves to bake, talk about art and fashion? Well, you haven't met our bold, humble, and feminist brothers!

Love adventures and living the outdoorsy life but afraid no girl will want to be your road trip partner? Instead she'll just want to stay at home, go shopping, and worry about nail polish? Interested in somebody who is into current events and making a change in the world? Well you haven't met our fierce, socially conscious hipster ladies.

You're one step away from finding your other half, there are just a few rules that you need to follow. We want this to be a positive experience for everyone without any sort of judgments, so this will be a very private match-making approach.

1) First step is to submit your profile! We require some basic info, like your name (this will be kept private!), age, location, and email. You'll make a nickname for yourself which will be how others identify you.

2) We then have you write about yourself. Who you truly are, what you like, what you don't like, what your dreams, aspirations, goals, and plans are for the future. The more you write about yourself the better, and we ask that you write at least 3 amazing facts.

3) Then you need to write three non-negotiables that your significant other must have. What would you like in a potential partner? Anything you definitely can't do? Anything that would be a plus? It can be more than three if you like!

4) Once you submit your profile, our team will approve it and it will be live on the website. Your personal information will NOT be shared. Only your age and location, along with your nickname, will be mentioned.

5) If someone likes your profile, they send you a connect request. Same for you, if somebody sparks your interest, click to connect with them! Poets usually claim that when this happens, they also see each other's dreams. That may just be true on HS!

InshaAllah you all find the "one". But remember, as we always say at HS....before you find them, find yourself. Happy searching!

The Hipster Shaadi Team
(Humaira, Ali, Hassan, Shereen)

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